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A Space to Write

Welcome to the new Carousel Creates blog!

Our vision is to inspire and support you in your writing life. Whether you are new to writing and just starting your journey, or whether you are an established author with lots of wisdom to share – we look forward to connecting with you. There’ll be plenty of different things going on here on the Carousel Creates blog but let’s start with a question from the founder of Carousel Creates, Carolann Copland…

Do you have space to write?

Do you have a place where you can go, where the words will just come? Somewhere that allows all the right creative juices to flow. A space that gives room for the ideas to explode in your head; and then flow along the page in the right direction?

For me that place is by the sea.

What is it about the sea that sends me to that write place? Perhaps it’s the changing landscape that draws me. Never the same as it was when you looked before. The sea helps me to write the quiet scenes, the violent scenes, the romantic scenes. With the sea as the backdrop, anything is possible.

Once the scene is written, once the mood is conveyed, I can usually move the scene’s location to somewhere else. The waves have done their work. The silver strands, forever changing with the tides are the perfect throne for me to sit on and feel myself to be the ruler of my words. Sometimes I just need to be able to see the sea; to have it in view; to know it’s there; like a security blanket.

I want to write about beauty and terror, strength and weakness, useful and useless. I want to write about colour and darkness, holidays and workdays, the interaction of people with nature. The sea holds all the keys to unlock the words. The words flow in with the waves, deposit some thoughts for my use and take back the scenes I don’t need for today; holding them for the next time…

So, where is your space? Please share your special place with us and tell us how and where you find the inspiration to write.

You can leave a comment below, leave a message on our Facebook page or why not send us a tweet!
We’d love to hear from you!

The view from the Carousel Creates Writers’ Centre


4 thoughts on “A Space to Write

  1. Still looking for that special inspirational space but connection with the source of inspiration or creativity which is the heart chakra is where all true creativity comes from regardless of where you are located. Well done on starting your blog, love the idea, keep up the good work. Kind regards

    • True, Davif. I do get inspiration from many experiences in life. Mostly by surrounding myself with the right people in the right places and letting the senses take over the rest… Hope you find your space. Thanks for following. Hope to connect again.

  2. I like to go to the local coffee house, Beans & Cream. The endless cup of coffee, the distraction of conversations, the smell of fresh coffee lingering in the air and the occasional interruption by a friend make it my place to write.

    • Sounds lovely Rex. I run a Writer’s cafe one morning a week and it’s definitely one of my favourite times of the week. Nothing like being surrounded by like minded people, having a natter over a cup of coffee and nudging each other on with the task in hand. Thanks for following Carousel Creates. Carolann.

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