Carousel Guests


Louise Phillips cutting the Red Ribbon for Carousel Creates

Louise Phillips cutting the Red Ribbon for
Carousel Creates

Last weekend saw the creation of something very special… On Saturday the 1st of December, Carousel Creates was officially launched by none other than Crime Writer Louise Phillips. A wonderful morning’s writing was followed by a hearty (and chatty) lunch and an afternoon writing workshop facilitated by Louise.

Recently nominated  for Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards 2012 for her fabulous book Red Ribbons; Louise has been a staunch supporter of Carousel since it was first the bones of an idea desperate to come into being. A couple of months later Carousel Writers’ Centre has hosted Weekend Writers’ Retreats, One day Writers’ Retreats, 10 Week Creative Writing Workshops and a Writers’ Café, with a One Day Crime Writers’ Workshop planned for the 9th of February (with Louise Phillips).

Some of Carousel's creative writers watching the cutting of the Red Ribbon

Some of Carousel’s creative writers watching the cutting of the
Red Ribbon

Carolann Copland, founder of Carousel Creates says, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Louise for her encouragement and inspiration. I would also like to thank Bernadette Kearns, Catherine Brophy and Annmarie Miles for sharing their talents amongst the Carousel writers. And to all of you who have jumped on board so far… well done for taking those first steps with me and I look forward to doing a few more rounds on the Carousel with you in the future.”

For Louise’s reflection on the day see






A short poem by Jack O’ Rourke reflecting on the day…


                      Word  Fair

                        Advent on  Aisling’s steps

                       arms around authors’ waists

                       can’t believe I’m here

                       equal in exalted company

                       we wait anticipate celebrate

                       birdsong praise congratulate


                       carousel creates conceived

                       to cultivate self expression

                       haven in the clouds

                       nurtures mutual spirits

                       group pose for posterity

                       Neil snaps maps smiles

                       Louise snips scarlet ribbons

                       signals  Carolann’s arrival

                       cheers sincere well-wishing

                       everyone files inside for lunch

                       retreat to immerse in crime fiction

                       we practice afternoon blood-letting

                       our gracious guest writer guides

                       us through the publishing mill

                       pitch plot pace pitfalls price

                       flesh bones tissue of books

                       It’s a tonic for the troops

                       I come away enlightened




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