Carousel Inspires

In for the Long Write!

What will you write?

What will you write?

What greater compliment could my writers pay me than to say that they want to come back for more?

The Carousel Writers of the Autumn term are coming back in January for another bite of the writing apple. They have dipped their pens in new ink, grown together as writers and begun a journey that will hopefully take them to a place in the writing world where they will never want to leave. My first job is done; instilling a passion for writing.

Thank you to Niamh (who is sailing along with her novel) for her beautiful letter:

A bright September morning.  Newly fallen leaves crunch under foot as we walk the familiar route on the first day back to school. A child’s voice rings out in the crisp air. She sings just because she is happy. Her joy demands acknowledgement. You comment. I reply. We fall into step and easy conversation. A chance encounter or the hand of fate.
Four weeks later I find myself driving up the mountain road to join Carousel and my first ever writing group. I am excited not nervous. You greet me at the door and usher me inside. It is warm and welcoming, candles burn and the fire glows. Introductions are made, the poet, the storytellers, the international man of mystery and, of course, the novices. You know who you are! We gather around the large writing table, pens at the ready, on that first night a group of strangers with a shared interest. Ten weeks later strangers have become friends.
Wednesday nights become the highlight of my week. My family watch bemused. I can’t wait to hear the latest scribbling’s of my classmates. I listen in awe of their talent. They inspire me. I realise how little I know but how much I want to learn. And we do learn. Each week a new topic. We are guided, encouraged and tutored by you in your gentle manner. You are part of the group, never outside it. The love you have for your craft is obvious and infectious.

The ten weeks have flown by, played out in front of the ever changing vista enjoyed from the large picture window in the writing room, a vista immortalised forever in the magical words of Jack’s tribute.

What has Carousel meant to me? It is a baby step, the pushing open of a door to look into a new world, a world of books and words, of imagination and creativity. Moreover it is the meeting of new people, making new friends, the sharing and exchanging of ideas and views. It is a peaceful place of your creation Carolann.  It is, in point of fact, your baby. Congratulations.

And to Jack for his poem inviting new writers to jump on board the Carousel:

By Jack O’ Rourke
They’re having a word-fair  Oh please do come
we’ll showcase our talents at the roll of a drum
Novelist or poet  I urge taste their ware  
Carousel creates such a fine bill of fare
Come up and see her she’ll help find lost muse
writer’s block forgotten just take in the views
Under Carolann’s tutelage true fair and kind
in safe cafe converse with those of like mind
Walk through mystic woods savour the air
spirit replenished your heart needs to share
A chapter or sonnet from out of the blue
divinely inspired well  I leave that to you
But of what  I am certain yes it’s a sure bet    
retreat to  Carousel you will have no regret  

Perhaps you would like to take up Jack’s Invitation…
To get lost in a world of books and words, of imagination and creativity as Niamh’s letter suggests…
If you would like to be In for The Long Write just click here for more details.


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