Carousel Kids

Our Write to Snow!

It’s SNOWING! And we love the snow! Don’t know what’s with all the grownups giving out about it. It’s the best fun ever! We’re building snowmen, snow dogs, snow monsters…  And then when we’re finished we’re writing about it!

This month, Carousel Kid’s Blog is all about snow, ice, frost, hailstones, snowmen, ice princesses, magic snow forests… okay so we get carried away with our stories! It’s what we do… You grownups are just jealous!

Here are some of stories, poems and even plays that we wrote this week at Carousel Write Club, then we closed our eyes and WISHED FOR SNOW! YESSSSSS!

Happy writing in the snow and ice…

Aoife and Anna

SnoIce_Queenwdrop the Ice Queen was out walking in the snow caves. She found a magic crystal in the snow. Queen Snowdrop looked into the crystal and saw a snow girl called Snowball and her snow dog Rex walking in her private forest.  Queen Snowdrop was furious as nobody was allowed to walk in her special forest.

‘They’re in big trouble!’ shouted Queen Snowdrop. Using her magic she turned them into ice cubes.

Queen Snowdrop didn’t know that a snow monster called Avalanche lived in that cave and the crystal belonged to him. Avalanche was ten feet and eleven inches tall!

At that moment, Avalanche was in the shop in the Ice Village eating all the food and frightening all the snow people. He smelt that something was wrong in his cave and he raced back home.
‘How dare you!’ he roared. He was very angry and he locked Queen Snowdrop in an ice cage.

Avalanche was walking around the cave and he slipped on ice and fell against the ice cage and smashed it. Queen Snowdrop was free! Avalanche had broken his foot in the fall and couldn’t run after her.

Queen Snowdrop ran with the crystal back to her ice palace. She could still see Snowball and Rex in the crystal. She remembered how she felt when she was a prisoner in the ice cage so she decided to melt the ice cubes and set them free. After all, hadn’t she been walking in the Snow Monster’s cave without permission?

‘But don’t ever walk in my private forest again,’ she warned.

By Mr. Cassidy’s Class

(sung to the tune of ‘The Snowman’)

We’re falling from the clouds.
Everyone looks up at us.
It’s so embarrassing,
To be two flying pigs!

We’re whirling towards Croke Park.
It’s half time in the stadium.
We’re falling towards the kids,
They’re hoping we have wings!

We land down on the ref.
He shows us both a red card each.
The children scream and cheer,
They’re happy that we’re here!

The snow is falling white outside.
We build a snowman right outside.
An orange carrot for his nose.
A Batman cloak begins his clothes.
A red bow tie around his neck.
An Enda Kenny wig. He looks a wreck!
Smiling stones and coal for eyes.
He speaks to me. He says SURPRISE!

(Snowman Jack and Snowwoman Jackie have been built in the middle of the road by a teenager called Rosie.)
Snowman Jack: What’ll we do!? That silly girl has built us in the middle of the road!
Snowwoman Jackie: We’re gonna get knocked down!
Rosie: Oh, no! How will I get my snowpeople off the road?!
(Peter is passing by on his bike and he sees that Rosie is in trouble.)
Peter: I’ll help you carry them over to the side of the road, Rosie. We’ll carry them bit by bit.
Rosie: Good idea, Peter.
Snowman Jack: No way!
Snowwoman Jackie: Don’t rip our heads off!
Peter: Okay, Okay! Rosie, help me to carry Jack all the way over.
(They get Jack safely to the side of the road but then a car comes slowly down the road.)
Snowwoman Jackie: Aaaaagggghhhh! I’m gonna be killed!
(The car hits her slightly and she loses her carrot nose and her leaf ears.)
I can’t smell anymore! And I can’t hear a thing!
Rosie: Oh, no! And the sun is shining on them! They’re melting…
Snowman Jack: It’s over for us! Oh, Jackie!
Rosie: I’ll miss you, Jack and Jackie. Sob.
Peter: No worries. We’ll see them next year!
(Peter cycles off on his bike and Rosie wanders into her house sadly.)

By: Mater Christi First Years

In a gift shop in Ireland, a snow globe sat on a dusty shelf. Inside the globe stood a castle made of ice. Winter was turning into Spring and outside in the castle gardens, Bob the Snow Blob was melting.

‘I have to do something! There’s a crack in the snow globe and the sun is shining through. The crack is getting bigger. At this rate it will be completely open by midnight.’

A snowflake called Winter floated into the shop and squeezed in through the crack in the snow globe.

‘Bob’, she said. ‘I heard you calling for help. How can I help?’

‘Go next door to the chemist shop and get some ice packs from the freezer,’ said Bob.

‘But how will I carry them?’ asked Winter.

Just then, Queen Georgina and King George; the Royal Gloves; walked out of the ice castle on their fingertips.

‘What is going on here?’ asked Queen Georgina.

Winter explained to the King and the Queen about Bob’s catastrophe.

‘Oh, we can help you there’, said King George. ‘We can carry the ice packs to Bob.’ And off they went.

On their way back in through the crack, clumsy King George knocked against the snow globe. The snow inside got shook up and fell all around the castle and Bob the Snow Blob began to freeze again.

Winter used the inside of the ice pack to seal the crack back together. Bob was so happy with Winter for bringing Winter back into the snow globe that he asked her to marry him.

And like all good fairytales… they all lived happily ever after!

By St. Louise’s Write Club

One day, Sparkles the Penguin entered a swimming competition. His friend Nicky Manjay went to watch him race. When Sparkles won the race Nicky Manjay jumped for joy. Sparkles won two tickets to go to Icechocolateheavenland!

‘Will you come with me, Nicky Manjay?’ asked Sparkles.

‘Of course!’ said Nicky Manjay.

A month later they landed in Icechocolateheavenland. As thy got off the plane, Sparkles slipped and he lost some of his sparkles.

ice chocolate heaven land

Crackers the evil Dodo bird was spying on them from his magical palace. It was his spell that had made Sparkles slip. A long time ago Crackers had been to school with Sparkles the penguin and he didn’t like him. He had flown away to Icechocolateheavenland.

Now it was time for revenge.

Later as they walked through the forest, Crackers swooped down when Sparkles was not looking, grabbed Nicky Manjay and flew back to his Magic Sugar Castle. Crackers wanted to turn Nicky Manjay into a sugar gummy slave but he wasn’t sure if the spell would work on a girl.

Crackers began to wonder why he was doing this.

‘I wouldn’t like someone to do this to me,’ he thought.

He couldn’t remember why he had become so mean.

Sparkles ran into the Sugar Palace and shouted, ‘STOP!’

‘It’s okay,’ said Crackers. ‘We’re friends now. But you used to leave me out all the time at school when we were young.’

They all said that they were sorry for being so mean and Crackers gave Sparkles back his Sparkles and let Nicky Manjay go free.

They all went down to the Hot Chocolate Stream to celebrate and share a cup of hot chocolate.

By Ms. Lynn’s Class (St. Louise’s)


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