Carousel Kids


Did you ever listen to a child’s imaginative story and wish you could just have a little bit of that back? At Carousel I have the privilege of hearing children tell stories every week.

From the age of four up to fourteen, Carousel Kids are using one of their most powerful tools… their imagination. You never hear the words I don’t know what to write next.  Writers’ block is an alien condition that they’ve never heard of.

With our story tellers, we use a lot of role play and drama to get in to character and location. What comes to pass in their expression of their stories and poems is wonderful.

This week we were Easter Bunnies, chicks, flowers, baby animals…
We said Goodbye to Winter too… Did you hear us Winter? We said Goodbye!

At our Story Club we asked the children to introduce us to their Easter Bunnies…

My Easter Bunny’s name is Easter Man and he has a blue, tiny tail. (James)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Easter Bunny and he has a white, tiny tail. (Cobi)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Easter Rabbit. He is multi coloured and wears green trousers. (Hugh)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Millie. She is a teeny, yellow rabbit. (Maisie)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Callie. She is pink with long ears. (Keeva)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Templerun. He is a blue baby rabbit with a tiny tail. (Jack)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Snuggles. She is purple and fat with a skinny tail and a hat. (Lilly)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Harry. He is skinny and he wears pants. (Andrew)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Bunny Noname. He is red. (Darragh)
My Easter Bunny’s name is Sarah. She is peach. She has a fluffy tail and she wears a purple top. (Shayne)
By Carousel Story Club


Spring has sprung!Well, it will eventually... :)

Spring has sprung!
Well, it will eventually… 🙂


The sun shines, flowers grow.
Leaves grow on trees, baby animals are born.
We see daffodils, we love daffodils.
It rains in Spring, the rainbows come.

We play outside, we see butterflies.
We see tulips, the grass grows greener.
Easter egg hunts, chicks hatch out.
Spring makes us happy, Spring is lovely.

Bye bye Winter! Hello Spring!
By Carousel Authors


Siobhan Walsh has belonged to Carousel Write Club for four years and here’s what she thinks of writing…
“I’ve been in Carousel Write Club for nearly four years. I’ve loved writing for many years previously. The only problem was that in school, we only covered subjects such as spellings and grammar work. In Write Club, spellings don’t matter. The only thing that matters in Write Club is your story; your imagination. Write Club has transformed me from a little girl writing tales about flying pigs and believing in yourself; to a young author writing stories about wild dogs, free of owners, living independently in their own land. I owe everything to Write Club.
In Write Club, I’ve written short plays, stories, poems and songs. Although no one from my class is in Write Club, I’m not alone. I write alongside my fellow scribers and we write together sometimes.
In Write Club, you can never be truly alone.” 

We love having Siobhan at Carousel Write Club! I think she may be around for quite a while!

Details of Carousel Write Club can be found here


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