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Following their success in 2013, Maeve O’Sullivan and Kim Richardson return to Carousel Writing Centre in the beautiful Dublin Mountains, for a two day workshop combining Haiku poetry with Mindfulness practices.

Wikipedia tells us that Haiku is…

…a short poem which uses imagistic language to convey the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition. It is a development of the Japanese haiku poetic form in the English language.

English haiku do not adhere to the strict syllable count found in Japanese haiku, and the typical length of haiku appearing in the main English-language journals is 10–14 syllables. Some haiku poets are concerned with their haiku being expressed in one breath and the extent to which their haiku focus on “showing” as opposed to “telling”.  Haiku uses an economy of words to paint a multi-tiered painting, without “telling all”. 

For mindfulness Wikipedia tells us that it is…

…the focusing of attention and awareness, based on the concept of mindfulness in meditation but is defined in many ways.  Despite its roots in Buddhism, mindfulness is not inherently religious and is often taught independent of religion.


I always say that one of the best ways to learn to write is to write… so with this in mind we have decided to get you all trying your hand at Haiku in a competition to win a place on this weekend course.

To win this wonderful prize immersing yourself in the poetry of nature; write three Haiku poems on the subject of ‘summer‘.



For more details about the competition go to :

See :


Give it a go! What have you got to lose?


6 thoughts on “WHAT IS HAIKU?

  1. I would love to enter and try to write one Haiku. What a generous offer you have given. Unfortunately I cannot travel since my accident. I will pretend I’m there because it is beautiful. What a great photographer you are too….if you took it 🙂

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