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WINNING Haiku Poet

Congratulations to the winner of the Carousel Summer Haiku Poetry Competition…


Sarah Jane has won a Two Day Haiku and Mindfulness Workshop at Carousel Writers’ Centre in the Dublin Mountains!

Her winning Haiku…

Dropped ice-cream melting
and merging with the path.
Even this brings joy.

This is what the judges Maeve O’ Sullivan and Kim Richardson had to say about Sarah Jane’s Haiku…

“While the first two lines ostensibly describe a simple summer scenario, the choice of the verb ‘merging’ nicely hints at something more. The third line brings the haiku further in that it reflects on the event, but not in a didactic way, more in a gesture of acceptance, and it extends the hint that a metaphorical merging could also lead to joy, which deepens the experience of the reader. This is rather a profound haiku and was the one that clinched our decision, well done!”

Sarah Jane will be joining Haiku and Mindfulness facilitators Maeve O’ Sullivan and Kim Richardson at Carousel Writers Centre on the 6th and 7th of July for an inspiring and relaxing weekend.



If you would like to join Sarah Jane on this weekend (only two places left!) see:

For more details on Haiku Poetry, see Maeve’s post on

For more information call Carolann Copland on 086 1923613


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