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Drum Roll……….

It’s true what they say that winning isn’t everything. But what if the prize is something that you’ve really set your heart on…

The large picture windows

The view from Carousel Writers’ Centre.

The journey of a writing competition is long and exciting. You see a competition advertised. The prize is something you know you want and need. You spend time putting your piece together. You twist it and turn it through the editing process until you’re sure you have it just the way you want it. Then you pluck up the courage to let it go. Puff! It’s out there.


Waiting is the hard part. You wonder if you were on the right track; if your prose or poetry was just what they were looking for. Then the day of reckoning comes and it can only be one of two things.

  • Perhaps after all your hard work and waiting and wondering, someone else out there had a turn of phrase or a quirky idea that pipped you at the post and you haven’t made the short list. To all of you who didn’t quite make it to the end of this journey I take my hat off to you and raise my glass to you. With your entry, you have begun a new journey. Entering competitions makes you pick up your pen and write and nothing breeds good writers more than practise and a little competition.


  • Or maybe you’ve struck a chord with someone out there and your piece has made that coveted short list. You scan the list and your heart lifts when you see your name mixed in with the others. You’re there. You’ve made it and whatever happens from here you can say I was short listed for…

So congratulations to those short listed:

Siobhán Murtagh
Maire Ryan
Christian Kelly
Kelly Creighton
Seán Farrell
Donnacha Kehoe
Áine Ó Domhnaill
Siobhán Mc Kinney
Amy Gaffney
Seán Thompson
Michael Whelan

Then comes the day when the winner is revealed and you search the announcement and you see it. THERE! In bright lights…


1st Prize of a Residential Two Day Writers’ Retreat at Carousel Writers’ Centre goes to…


Joint 2nd Prize of a (Non- Residential) Two Day Writers’ Retreat at Carousel Writers’ Centre goes to…


Huge congratulations to you! Your work was so deserving of recognition. We at Carousel look forward to a weekend of creating new writing with you.

Words in waiting

Words in waiting.

For more details of what your Two Day Writers’ Retreat entails see:


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