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Holding your book in your hands.

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So here it is… Summer Triangle by Carolann Copland. How does that feel?

A shiver runs along your fingers, up your arms and through you. Your book. You’re holding your book in your hands.

You’ve imagined how that would feel so many times; seeing your name on the cover; opening the pages on a random chapter and knowing where and when you wrote those words. No amount of words on an A4 sheet of paper or text on a computer screen can compete with the sight of your own words wrapped like a present between the covers of a book.

So the first thing you do is to go running to your mammy.

‘Look, Mam. Here you are. Will I sign it for you?’

She’s emotional but she doesn’t show too much. A huge hug.

‘Congratulations, love. That’s wonderful!’

The joy comes in passing the conservatory later and seeing her; your mam, the book worm, curled up in her favourite chair; cigarette on one side, coffee on the other, reading your book. She was your first reader when you were seven and you know she will be your greatest critic. It’s make or break time.

Then you let go; send the book out there. You watch the expression on a reader’s face as they turn over your book in their hands, read the blurb…

SHONA and Majid are living very different, but ordinary, lives on opposite sides of the globe, when both their worlds are shattered.

Majid, who witnesses the death of his fiancé, a bomb victim at an Irish/Saudi festival, is so distraught he runs from his problems – right into the arms of Islamic fundamentalists. Together his new allies and he plot to show Ireland exactly what they think of its cooperation in the US war against terror, but will Majid really get the closure he so desperately craves?

Meanwhile Irish teen Shona falls pregnant following a drunken party and stumbles through early motherhood in a haze of alcohol. An overheard conversation about her past leaves her wallowing in the self-pity of betrayal and ripe for falling into the wrong hands.

When 08/08 threatens to become Dublin’s very own 9/11 will a chance meeting of the two teenagers hasten their road to self-destruction or help them rise from the ashes of the past?

Particularly when there are darker forces at work…

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InviteFacebookHeader (1)  Out it goes. You sit back and wait for the verdict…


Summer Triangle  by Carolann Copland will be launched on the 29th of October at Carousel Writers’ Centre by Crime Writer Louise Phillips.

Order a copy from publisher Emu Ink.

Available from Amazon


14 thoughts on “Holding your book in your hands.

  1. I am really looking forward to reading your first book Carolann. I love your description of Mam. Very best of luck to you.

    • I’m really looking forward to you reading it too, Mary. Mam just finished reading it this afternoon and gave it the thumbs up. It must be ok so!

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