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Out In The World…


So Summer Triangle  was launched on the world last Tuesday, 29th of October. I hope I will never forget how that felt. All week, I’ve been receiving messages from people telling me how much they are enjoying or have enjoyed my first novel.






Perhaps the smile that was plastered across my face from ear to ear last Tuesday night was infectious and spread to all who bought a copy of my book.





I was in awe of the amount of people, old friends and new, who crossed the threshold of Carousel Writers’ Centre on the night. Watching people holding tightly to my book with a view to reading later was an amazing sight.

58509_687098494643497_1004948964_n (1)


There may have been some heated discussions on the subject matter already! 
And some people sorted out all their friend’s Christmas stockings in one go!
The book was launched by award winning crime novelist, Louise Phillips, who made a wonderful speech applauding Summer Triangle, while Emer Cleary of publishers Emu Ink sprinkled her own special sparkle on the night.
So far Summer Triangle has been described on Amazon as 
“a thrilling page turner”
 “an exciting story, a gripping tale right to the very last page.”
Even the cake made by Carol McHugh of was spectacular.
I may not stop smiling for some time…
Summer Triangle is available to buy or rent digitally, and in paperback form:
Summer Triangle is Out In The World…

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