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Winning Haiku Poet 2014

Congratulations to the winner of the Carousel Summer Haiku Poetry Competition 2014…

 Marion Clarke

Marion has won a Two Day Haiku and Mindfulness Workshop at Carousel Writers’ Centre in the Dublin Mountains!


Her winning Haiku…

lough sunlight
this desire to walk
on water

This is what the judges Maeve O’ Sullivan and Kim Richardson had to say about Marion’s Haiku…

This haiku we felt was the stand-out one in that it evoked that ‘aha’ gasp from both of the judges. Once again it’s simply presented, with an image of sun on water giving way to a human desire / fantasy that most people have probably experienced and can therefore relate to. I also like the suggested vertical axis in that loughs (such as Lough Derg) are often places of Christian pilgrimage, where pilgrims may well aspire to emulate Jesus! Well done on all of the haiku and we look forward to working with you at Carousel Creates later in the month.


Join Haiku and Mindfulness facilitators Maeve O’ Sullivan and Kim Richardson at Carousel Writers Centre on the 28th and 29th of June for an inspiring and relaxing weekend.



For more details on Haiku Poetry, see Maeve’s post on

For more information call Carolann Copland on 086 1923613

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