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‘Last Kiss’ at Carousel

Last Kiss

She’s back!

Louise Phillips, author of Red Ribbons, nominated for Best Irish Crime Novel in 2012 and The Dolls’s House which won the Best Irish Crime novel in 2013, is BACK with a vengeance! Last Kiss was launched this month and it is a scrumptious read!

I devoured this book. It helped that having read Louise Phillips’ first two books, I was desperate to get my hands on this one, and wow was it worth the wait. Having written two wonderful novels already, Louise has now honed her craft to perfection. She feeds the reader deliciously addictive morsels of plot, piece by glorious piece, throughout the novel. Whilst immersing us in sumptuously diverse locations, she wraps us around characters that are terrifying in their normality. Louise provides a backdrop of a horrendous childhood for her characters, leaving us empathising with, if not feeling sorry for them. I may never be able to walk through the forest again without feeling a witchy presence following me. The only problem we are left with is what to read next. Last Kiss is impossible to follow and is her best novel so far. I look forward to displaying this novel beside her other two at Carousel Writers’ Centre, where Louise has inspired so many writers with her words of wisdom.

Louise Phillips

Louise Phillips

In the summer term, Louise ran a highly successful course for six weeks. Louise is back again with Write That Novel. Starting on the 15th of October at Carousel Writing Centre, this will be a cracker of a course.


If you’re looking for new ideas to get you writing, Carousel Writers’ Centre is running a new creative writing course, Inspired to Write with Carolann Copland.

Carolann Copland

Carolann Copland

These creative writing workshops are for writers who want to make the best of their writing potential. Writers will produce new and imaginative work each week in the relaxed environment of Carousel Writers’ Centre.


Whatever your style or genre, you will explore your writing voice with exercises that trigger your creativity. This workshop is for writers at any stage of their writing who need a creative boost.


Carousel Writers’ Café is undergoing a whole new revamp with excellent monthly workshops on…

  • Location (with Carolann Copland)
  • Plot (with Jax Miller)
  • Character (with Bernadette Kearns)

…coming up this term. With every workshop, there will be a competition for a free place!


More to follow covering every aspect of writing.

Something for every writer at Carousel Creates

And all this with a view to inspire!


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