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Happy New Writing You!

Time to WRITE!

Time to WRITE!

January is a month of mixed feelings. There are those who feel that it is a time to be positive and upbeat, and there are others who become immersed in the misery of cold, dark mornings. However you feel, it is always good to write.

One thing I like to do in January is to look at the year ahead and think what I’d like to achieve where my writing is concerned. Some are promises to myself set in stone, but others are more like ‘There’s the goal post and if I aim well, then maybe…’

My second book Dominoes is being stitched and glossed at the publishers as I speak, with a launch set for late March. It’s hard to think about other things but I will…

Carousel Writers’ Centre has had an amazing second year of writers’ workshops and classes and we are going into a third year with so many exciting days on offer.

Starting on Tuesday the 20th of January, there will be eight weeks of creative writing workshops.

Our Children’s classes are ongoing all year in Knocklyon.

Reading their work aloud with pride!

Reading their work aloud with pride!

Some of our Saturday Café workshops:

7th February:  Writing Short Stories

                           with Susan Lanigan

7th March:      Blog it!

                          Writing a blog with Tara Sparling

21st March:     Write That Novel

                          An introduction with Louise Phillips 

4th April:       Writing Poetry

                         Poetry with Michael Whelan

2nd May:       Polishing the Jewel

                        Editing with Catherine Brophy

6th June:      Writing for Wellbeing

                       With Joan Brady

27th/28th June:

                        Haiku Poetry and Mindfulness with Maeve O’ Sullivan and Kim                           Richardson

Words in waiting

Words in waiting

And that’s just some of the first half of the year!

Get your writing aims for 2015 down on paper! Hope Carousel Writers’ Centre is on that list!


Happy New Writing Year! Happy New Writing You!

Carolann Copland

Tel: 086 1923613


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